How To Access Or Review Data On Instagram?

26 December 2019

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People’s engagement on Instagram has become so common these days, and as per the records, Instagram has 1 billion active users. On average, people spend around or more than 32 minutes on this app in a dayas the app always keeps us engaged with its diversifying updates.

Instagram is that social networking app which allows us to do numerous things apart from just following people or viewing their posts. We can post stories, add polling to them, embed stickers and emojis to them,  include countdowns, do the question-answer process, view adds, follow hashtags and as many accounts as we want to. Moreover, its users can chat with their friends through its messaging feature.

This app also helps users to keep track of all the activities that they do. Users' previously performed activities are readily saved on this app, and they can check them whenever they want to. The data in terms of people followed added a new bio, photos posted, hashtags followed, different features on the stories used such as stickers, emojis, countdowns, etc., are maintained in account's settings. Users can review the sections and content at any time -Instagram gives its users the advantage of controlling their data anytime they want to.

There are certain steps that need to be followed in order to access or review data on Instagram:

Table of Contents

  1. For Mobile Phones
  2. Through Desktop

For Mobile Phones:

1. Open Instagram

Open the Instagram app, a pink colored square with a white colored camera inscribed. If you are not already logged into the app, do the same by entering your email id and password. If you wish to log in through your browser, search for in it and log in.

Access Or Review Data On Instagram - Open Instagram

2. Go To Your Profile:

After opening the app, you have to go to your profile. The option appears at the bottom right corner of your screen. Tap the humanoid/icon, which will take you to your profile.

Go To Your Profile-Mobile

3. Open Settings:

Once you open your Instagram profile, tap hamburger icon represented through the three horizontal lines appearing at the top-right corner of your screen.

Access Or Review Data On Instagram - Tap on Hamburger Icon

Next, tap on the "Settings" tab located at the bottom-right corner of the page. Doing this will take you to another page with a list of multiple options.

Access Or Review Data On Instagram - Open Settings

4. Open Security

On the settings page, open "Security" tab. You will find the tab between "Privacy" and "Ads" tab. It is usually the fourth option mentioned.

Access Or Review Data On Instagram - Open Security

5. Look For “Access Data”

From the "Security" tab, you will be navigated to a new page where you will see "Login Security" and "Data and History" sub-headings. Under "Data and History," tap "Access Data" option.  From "Access Data," you will directly go on "Account Data" page where you will have different tabs representing different information.

Access Or Review Data On Instagram - Access Data

The next step is entirely personalized, as now you have to access or review your data the way you wish to. There are various headings, and underneath them, you will find the option of "View all data" link, which will take you through all the kinds of previously recorded data activities done by you.

Access Or Review Data On Instagram - Account Data

Through Desktop

Instagram that appears on your desktop is different from what it appears on your phone. Let us look through how to review your data via your desktop

1. Open Instagram:

Firstly, open in your preferred browser and log in using either your email id, username or phone number and type your password in the required field.

Access Or Review Data On Instagram - Login Instagram

2. Go To Your Profile:

Tap on the "Humanoid" icon which will take you to your profile. This will appear at the top right corner of the page next to the "Heart" icon.

How To Access Or Review Data On Instagram - Go To Your Profile

3. Open Settings:

After opening your profile, you have to click on the "Settings" icon, it would be located next to the "Edit Profile" tab.

How To Access Or Review Data On Instagram - Open Settings

4. Tap Privacy And Security:

After opening the settings, tap the fifth option which says "Privacy and security."

How To Access Or Review Data On Instagram - Tap Privacy And Security

5. Look For “View Account Data”

From the "Privacy and security" section, you will be navigated to a new page, scroll down the page and look for the sub-heading "Account Data," under which you will find "View account data." You have to tap on the option to modify your respective settings as per your choice.

How To Access Or Review Data On Instagram - Look For View Account Data

You have to be sure regarding the data you want to access or review. As there are a lot of options appears while viewing the account data. In case you want to delete the data, you can delete it easily, but once you delete the data it will not be recovered in any way, which is why you should always know what lies under which heading.

You have to tap "View all" link under the specific kind of data that you are looking to review or access.

This option helps you to download your data, for which, again, you will have to follow certain steps. You can also delete the data if you wish to do so. People also use this feature, in case they are forgetting certain information regarding their content in any way.

Instagram always provides us with the liberty of using as many options as possible to keep a track of all the activities that we are doing on this app. This helps us in maintaining our accounts in a more convenient way. Always be a smart and active user and be aware of all your activities.