Get More Followers And Likes With Famous Instagram Marketing Tools

29 November 2019

Get More Followers and Likes With Famous Instagram Marketing Tools


  • Social media tools’ paid subscription ranges from $4.99USD/month to $599USD/month.
  • Hootsuite is available in 175 countries.
  • $40 was spent on social network advertising in 2016.


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If you are thinking to grow your brand rapidly in today’s highly competitive business environment, you’ll appreciate that building an audience on Instagram must be a priority for any brand. About 90% of marketers claimed that Instagram generated immense exposure for their company, and that's only one of its many advantages.

Sometimes, it can be a hectic task to promote posts on Instagram, and there comes the role of marketing tools which many people don't know about.

Therefore, here is a list of best Instagram marketing tools you can use to optimize your online promotions and gain followers and likes:


Table of Contents

  1. Grum
  2. CrowdFire
  3. Iconosquare
  4. WordSwag
  5. HootSuite
  6. INK361
  7. Linktree
  8. Mulpix

1. Grum:


While using Instagram as a marketing tool, people have a complaint about scheduling their posts.

"The audience on Instagram has to face the problem of not getting an option to schedule their post. "

They think that Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are better options in this way because they can just load up a post and schedule it to go live later. The audience on Instagram thinks they have to manually press publish on all their posts - becoming a slave to their mobile phones.

There are many tools in the market which allow you to schedule reminders and make it easier to publish posts.

In many tools, Grum is one that allows you to schedule posts to schedule-you don't have to sit and manually press the publish button. Grum also gives the option to actually upload the content from your desktop - you don’t have to fiddle around with your phone or type on a tiny keyboard. With this marketing tool, you can get more followers as you can post frequently.

Cost:$9.95 USD for 2 accounts, $3.95 USD for 3-5 accounts (each); $2.95 USD for 6+ accounts (each) per month


  • You can easily switch between multiple accounts
  • You can crop and edit images
  • It’s affordable


  • You can only post on Instagram
  • You cannot edit or write comments once the post has gone live.
  • Grum does not offer any analytics features. 

2. CrowdFire:


Follow smart and advanced strategy is one of the most important tips while increasing mass traffic on Instagram. In this strategy you find the Instagram profiles that will be beneficial for your brand and thus, you follow them.

About 40% of the people you follow will follow you back - so if you follow the audience with a large following, similar accounts, you have the potential to reach potential target group, who are more than likely to be interested in what you’re doing.

But you can follow a maximum of 7500 users on Instagram, so how can you keep the following strategy going if you’re tapped out?

One way is to unfollow the people who are not following you back. And here comes the role of CrowdFire. It is one of the best tools to make this happen. With this you can see the people you are following but isn’t following you back. Therefore, you can simply unfollow them without going through the long procedure on Instagram.

"Crowdfire offer one free and three paid subscription plans: Plus  ($9.99/month), Premium ($49.99/month), and VIP ($99.99/month)."


  • The app allows users to schedule posts on multiple social media platforms.
  • Allow users to monitor their community and add the followers of their competitors.


  • Quality of images decreases after uploading the images and videos.
  • It takes quite enough time to manage the quality of content before posting.

3. Iconosquare:


While starting a marketing plan for a social media platform there are many factors that you consider. But the 2 most important factors are posting time and relevant hashtags.

Consider, you have to create a marketing plan for Instagram. You decide to post 5-6 times per day, which you estimate will lead to you reaching 8,000 followers in 3 months. After posting some photos and videos according to your plan, you got to know that there is a cricket match taking place and people are not using Instagram much. The result comes out to be no likes and comments for your post.

Such a situation can also occur while posting at the wrong time. Suppose your target audience lives mainly in America, and you’re posting during Asia daytime hours, your people are sleeping right through your incredible content. According to a source, people see on average only about 35% of their Instagram feeds. So, your posts will go to waste.

And if you are using the wrong hashtags - the type of hashtags that nobody engages with, and that perform poorly in your industry.

Now what to do in such situations, that’s where you can use Iconosquare as a marketing tool. It is a premium Instagram analytics tool that has some data which can be helpful. It includes hashtags, that will perform the best for you and will give the information about the right time to post which will bring the most engagement on your desk.

"Iconosquare offers three paid subscriptions that are: Pro ($39/month), Advanced( $79/month) and Agency (custom price)."


  • Offers multiple features: hashtag tracking, audience analysis, page creation, scheduling, and tracking, competitor benchmarking and influencer research.
  • Allow users to learn followers behavior on social media and the right time to post on social media.
  • Instagram does not integrate with the features of Iconosquare, which leads to problems with usability. 
  • It offers comprehensive analytics but lacks certain functions like automatic posting. 

4. WordSwag:


Have you ever thought posting images on Instagram would be a lot of work, especially when you want to post pictures with appropriate captions and hashtags? The posts should have content that could convey a message beyond the image itself.

 For this purpose, there is Wordswag. This app helps to make your Instagram posting more simple. With this app, you can choose through hundreds of high-quality backgrounds, stock photos, and place quotes which will be efficient while posting.

WordSwag comes with some popular quotes which you can use easily. The app is significantly used to reduce the pressure you have as the Instagrammer to create beautiful content.

Remember that on a visually driven platform like Instagram, the best way to seek attention from your followers is eye-catching content. So, Wordswag helps you make content stand out by adding various typography to photos.

WordSwag offers one free and one paid subscription: Pro ($4.99).

  • Easy and affordable to use.
  • Eleven fresh new font styles and exclusive hand-painted backgrounds.
  • 2x updates have caused trouble to many users.

5. HootSuite:


When it comes to scheduling posts on Instagram, HootSuite would be the right option for user-friendly service. It manages your account by writing captions for your posts, attach the media you wish to include and then pick dates for them to be published. HootSuite will post directly to your Instagram feed at the time you have scheduled. Earlier Instagram was not allowing post via third-party tools but now you don't have to worry about such complications.

Beyond the great scheduling options, this website offers tools to track users, monitor activity and measure performance through analytics.

HootSuite also gives an option where Instagram accounts can be managed by multiple people at once with the ability to collaborate and assign responsibilities to certain team members. International brands including Coca-Cola and Sony Music use this timesaving website for social media marketing.

"Hootsuite offers one free and four paid subscriptions that are: Professional ($19/month), Team ($99/month), Business ($499/month) and Enterprise (customer pricing)."

  • You can manage multiple contributors and share access and data without sharing passwords.  
  • Easy To use - even users with no technical knowledge can access it easily.
  • Sometimes app shows glitches- there are times when it freezes without any reason. 
  • The free version of Hootsuite needs a lot of improvements.

6. INK361:


This Instagram marketing tool provides various forms of data that are efficient for users to analyze and optimize their tactics. INK361 helps you understand what drives growth and engagement. This helps you to monitor content from specific accounts and compare your data with your competitors.

It is a marketing tool which helps you to view your profile, engage with your audience and see how effectively your brand is engaging on Instagram. It creates custom circles to monitor content from specific accounts.

"INK361 offer free version."

7. Linktree:


Adding a link to your Instagram bio can be useful when it comes to requesting people to visit other links about your brand. Well, Instagram allows you to only add one link in your Instagram bio. But with this Instagram marketing tool, you do more with a simple link.

Linktree generates a custom link for your Instagram profile. When users click on it, they can find an intermediate landing page that has multiple links with a different call to actions. Here, you can improve the traffic generated on your other websites as well and you no longer need to be stressed about which link you should put in your Instagram bio.

"Linktree offers one free and one paid subscription: Pro ($6USD/month) for users who want their links to work harder. "

  • Capture your visitor's email addresses with the email/newsletter signup integration.
  • Allow you to add beautiful images or GIFs.
  • Sometimes it shows issues and stops working for hours with no specific reason. 
  • Linktree gives you no option to add your own brand style. 

8. Mulpix:


Do you want your Instagram search more specific while searching for relevant hashtags and captions? Well, this Instagram marketing tool provides a search engine which makes information on your Instagram account effortless.

The tool helps to search for appropriate tags, captions, and multiple hashtags. You can also include search terms and keywords for precise results. Mulpix also gives an option to arrange your photos based on your location.

"Mulpix offers free subscriptions."


Instagram marketing tools can help you to use the features of Instagram more efficiently. These marketing tools can provide the right metrics needed to optimize your strategies. Instagram has become an essential social media platform for every brand and blogger. To be competitive, brands need to produce content often and to stay consistent, they need to make the process as easy as possible.